Our Vision and Values


At Neighborhood Church we believe Jesus’s gospel is good news for all, so we seek to be a community where all are welcome, loved and honored as fellow bearers of God’s image. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God being like a mustard seed that grows up and puts out large branches so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade. We seek to be like that tree, offering a place of safety and growth for people who are interested in following in the ways of Jesus and working together to see God’s kingdom come in our city and beyond.


Connectedness: We are committed to living lives of vulnerability, intimacy, and connectedness together. Christian community is an integral part of faith, and we are committed to fostering authentic relationships within our community.

Faithfulness: We will live lives which are faithful to the Scriptures and to our true identity and calling as God’s people in the world. We will actively seek ways to partner with God in bringing peace and justice to an unjust world.

Humility: We recognize that God is God, and we are not. As we live fully into this reality, our posture must be that of humility and mutual submission, to God and one another.

Intentional Spiritual Growth: God’s activity in our lives is designed to shape us into the image of Christ. As such, we want to pay attention to the Spirit’s activity in us, as we continually reorient to Him and help each other do the same.

Love: We recognize the extravagant love of God is the source and anchor of our lives; we desire to live deeply rooted in this love, while at the same time learning to see ourselves and every other person as fellow image-bearers.

Next Generation: Kids are a huge part of the life of our Neighborhood Church community. We will intentionally cultivate the upward, inward, and outward journeys of faith in the lives of our kids and the next generation.