About Us

At Neighborhood Church, we are just ordinary people. We have hopes and dreams; we have mistakes and mishaps. We are sometimes remarkable and other times in obvious needs of a second chance.

We are living ordinary lives. We have 24 hours in the day. We work and go to school, serve on boards and volunteer. We love to share meals, enjoy art and sporting events, learn and discuss.

What may set us apart from some people is that we do all this with “gospel intentionality.” We are not just aimlessly living out our lives. We are making strategic choices to live where we live. Meet, get to know, and create deep friendships with our neighbors, classmates, and co-workers. We live on mission to Love God and Love Others. This is not something we do in addition to life, this is ordinary life.



Meredith Pace



Justin Breeden

Leadership Team


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Jon Schallert

Minister of Music & Liturgist


Josh Spickler

Leadership Team

Sara Shackelford

Leadership Team