a midweek benediction

a thing of beauty
beyond understanding,
a poem that is being written
not in words,
but in colors,
wind’s whisper,
soaring bird,
snowdrop’s petal,
gentle rain,
sunlight’s warmth.
This is your garden, Creator God,
a thing of beauty
beyond understanding

From Colossians 1:16-17
Third Space Blog

A Benediction

May the blessing of the God of peace and justice be with us;

May the blessing of the Son, who weeps the tears of the world’s suffering, be with us;
And may the blessing of the Spirit, who inspires us to reconciliation and hope, be with us

from now into eternity.

-World Council of Churches

May we be the road

May the path that Christ walks to bring justice upon the earth, to bring light to those who sit in darkness, to bring out those who live in bondage, to bring new things to all creation:
May this path run through our life. May we be the road Christ takes. Amen.

– Jan L. Richardson

Extravagant God

Extravagant God,
lavishing your love on our poverty of heart:
inspire us to give with generosity,
to love life so that we may find it again,
and thus the world will be filled
with the fragrance of your love;
through Jesus Christ, who offers himself for us. Amen.

-Ann Siddall