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Summer Sabbatical

Our lead pastor, Robert Grisham, will be taking his first sabbatical during the months of July and August. We believe this is a significant decision in the life of our church and a tremendous opportunity to invest in the Grisham’s.  The sabbatical will be a guided process for Robert and his family, not just an […]

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NC DNA – Dreaming of What Could Be

Over the last two days we’ve been looking at some of the vision that drives us as a church.  Here is the last installment of this blog series.  To read the entire article as a pdf go here.   If you and your church were to disappear off the face of the earth tomorrow, would […]

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NC DNA – Our Posture

Yesterday I began a 3-part blog series on some of the vision that drives us as a church.  Here’s part 2.   So where do we go from here?  Understanding the past will help, but sulking and blaming won’t.  We have to move forward.  What does it mean for us today to be a people […]

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NC DNA – Our Current Reality

Over the next three days I’m going to be posting on some of the big picture vision we have as a church.  First up is our current reality as a culture.   It’s no exaggeration to say that Christianity in the west has an image problem.  Actually, it’s deeper than that.  When our culture thinks […]

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The Gospel and the Three Journeys

How does the Gospel fit in to the three journeys? The Gospel encompasses all three of the journeys and is therefore our foundation. The Gospel is what God did, what He is doing, and what He will do.  It’s the story of God. Upward Journey: We are transformed by the Gospel Inward Journey: We are […]

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