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Testing, Testing, Testing

Lord, we are tired of being tested…
The unease and uncertainty; the questions and the waiting; the fears that creep in … “What if???”

And yet…
You are there with us: listening, waiting, praying with us.
You hold our questions and allow us to rest.
Yes, we know deep rest!

Despite the reaching, the yearning, the questions, the doubts…
In the midst of unknowing – You are there.
You save us from the time of trial,
You hedge us about with your promises.

Even in our weariness, Holy One – even in the midst of our questions,
We know that we know that we know … and with your abiding presence we will press on.
So may it be … Blessed be! Amen.

-“Testing, Testing, Testing”
By Rev. Deborah Vaughn

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Gentle God

Gentle God:
We have traveled through many waters to reach this place, but share one baptism;
We arrive from different backgrounds and traditions, yet share one faith;
We are, each of us, unique and precious to God, and are members of one Body;
We have different dreams and doubts, yet our hearts beat with one hope;
We are graced with different gifts, so we may offer them in service to one Lord.
God in Community, Holy in One, equip us for the work of love, justice, and mercy – both here and beyond.

Thom Shuman’s Lectionary Liturgy