Cooper West

Cooper Church, consisting of a handful of eight adults and a couple of kids, joined forces with Neighborhood Church in 2011. After growing to 22 adults and almost as many kids, we decided to start out 2016 in smaller groups. The whole groups still gathers at least once a month, either for a grown-ups dinner or for family fellowship time. Throughout the years, we’ve enjoyed serving together at HopeWorks as GED tutors, faith encouragers, and lunch providers. We also have strong connections with the Soulsville Charter School, and several of our members are currently on a Good Neighbor Team, working with a Somali family who have recently been resettled in Memphis.

Cooper Church West is a Midtown-based group who meets for dinner and discussion in a home (location varies) on Wednesday evenings. Throughout the Spring of 2016, we were enriched by our discussions of the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. We are experimenting with some different rhythms in the coming months; we plan to incorporate time for family worship (this group has 8 kids ages 5 and under) as well as service together. This is a group who loves God, works hard at building community, and who looks to find ways for the whole family to invest in Memphis.

For more information, contact Jonathan or Mary Catherine Schallert.


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