Robert and his wife Mandy moved to Memphis from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 to lay the groundwork for what would become Neighborhood Church.  Robert’s passion for church planting began in 1998, when he had the opportunity to help start a church in Nashville.  Since that time he has devoted himself to seeing new churches get started.  Robert also works at InCity Realty as a real estate agent, and he would love to help you buy your next house!

Robert primarily serves NC in the areas of vision, teaching, and leadership development.

Robert and Mandy were married in 1999 and have two children: Adam and Micah.

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Meredith listens and collects stories.  When clarity is needed, she draws connections and helps bring understanding.  She thrives in cross-cultural settings and is passionate about justice work in Memphis.

Meredith works as a nurse anthropologist for Christ Community Health Services and currently directs a prenatal care program. She also works with a local organization providing home-based hospice care in Central Asia and loves serving on the Board of Directors at Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. She desires to see Neighborhood Church develop disciples who love God and love their world.

Meredith has found a home in Neighborhood Church since 2006.  She lives near Overton Park.

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An architect at heart, Virginia sees the beauty of what could be. She has an eye for seeing potential, be it in her math students or in tossed-aside antiques. Virginia commits wholeheartedly to her people, projects, and Arkansas Razorbacks. She is passionate about education and proud to have completed the Memphis Teacher’s Residency. When she’s not teaching or taking the pulse of a group, she can be found crafting and making old things new at her 100-year-old Midtown home. She’s lived in Midtown for six years and can’t imagine making her home in any other part of the city. At Neighborhood Church, she is part of Agnes Micro-Church and heads up the Weekender Team.

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John Carroll is the Executive Director of City Leadership and Founder of Choose901. Originally from Murfreesboro, TN, he and his wife Ashleigh came to Memphis via Texas ten years ago to become the VP of Ugly Mug Coffee.

After several years of side consulting with nonprofits while serving as a pastor at Fellowship Memphis, John launched his own nonprofit to serve other nonprofits, schools, churches, and government agencies.

John and Ashleigh live in Midtown with their four children: JAC 11, Charis 9, Abigail 9, and Jones 7.

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Jessica and her husband Bill landed in Memphis in 2006, planning to stay for grad school and then move on. But the draw of Memphis is strong, and they are happy to be here 10 years, 2 houses, and 3 kids later, with no plans to leave.

Jessica spends her days at home and around the city with her three little ones: Layla, Ralston, and James. She loves finding ways to connect with other families and serve alongside her husband and children too. Jessica’s family lives in Cooper Young, and they love building community both in and out of the church building.

Jessica, along with friends from Cooper Church, has been a partner at Neighborhood Church since 2011. She has also enjoyed being the girls’ 3rd-5th grade Huddle leader since 2014.

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Matt spends his days as a missionary, leadership coach, and speaker. Along with his wife, Jennifer, and two sons, Seth and Jonathan, he has the great pleasure of living in a city which he loves deeply: Memphis. Matt is a firm believer in the gift of YOU…that God has purposefully and graciously deposited gifts, passions, experiences, values, and a load of world-changing potential into each of us. God’s ultimate desire is that all of this would be leveraged and utilized fully by His Spirit to see His Kingdom break into the darkness of our world.

Matt and Jennifer have spent the last seven years as missionaries with CRM, a global mission agency based in Southern California. They and their CRM colleagues are committed to developing and empowering leaders around the world for the purpose of advancing the Gospel.

The Westons joined Neighborhood Church in 2016, and Matt serves NC primarily in giving leadership to the “macro” functions of Neighborhood Church.

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