God’s Story, Our Story

We spent a good portion of 2016 in the Old Testament as a part of our God’s Story, Our Story series.  As we move into 2017 we’re going to be moving into the New Testament.  Every couple of years we spend extensive time in the life of Jesus, but this year, as a part of this series, we’re doing things a little differently.

Beginning January 15 we’re going to hear fourteen first person perspective stories told by ten storytellers from within our congregation.  We’ll start with John the Baptist telling us about what the beginnings of Jesus’ ministry was like, and we’ll wrap things up with Timothy telling us about Paul’s final season of ministry and then about his mentor’s death.  

Here’s our schedule…

January 15 – John the Baptist (Robert Grisham)

January 22 – Andrew (John Carroll)

January 29 – James, brother of Jesus (Jon Schallert)

February 19 – Matthew (Robert Grisham)

March 12 – Mary, sister of Martha (Mandy Grisham)

March 19 – Peter (Chris Lareau)

April 2 – Thomas (Jesse Malott)

April 9 – Mary, mother of Jesus (Manda Gibson)

April 16 – John (Matt Weston)

April 23 – Mary Magdalene (Ashleigh Carroll)

May 14 – Cornelius (Robert Grisham)

May 21 – Barnabas (Matt Weston)

June 4 – Lydia (Meredith Pace)

June 11 – Timothy (Robert Grisham)

Our goal is to immerse ourselves within this incredible story, and to help us all do that we’ve prepared a reading plan.  Five chapters a week will take us through Jesus’ story, the book of Acts, and several of Paul’s letters.  We hope that you’ll dive in with us!

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