Sunday Gatherings

For nearly 2000 years Sundays have been the traditional gathering day for the local church. At Neighborhood Church we do not believe that one particular day is more important to gather on than another, but we do see the power and importance in a regular and consistent gathering.

On most weeks our Sunday gathering is held in the evenings at 5:00pm. We meet in the chapel of Union Avenue Baptist Church located in the heart of Midtown. A typical gathering lasts till 6:15 or 6:30pm. Here is our Gathering Schedule for 2016.

These gatherings do not all look the same though. We have three types of Sunday experiences at Neighborhood Church.

Worship & Prayer

During these gatherings we focus on honoring God. We sing, we tell stories, we read scripture, we praise him with our prayers. On these Sundays the focus is not so much on what we can learn or ask from of God, but what we can bring to Him in worship. These gatherings are typically the first Sunday of the month.

Teaching Times

Our teaching times are more of what you would expect as a traditional Sunday gathering of the church. The anchor piece of these services are usually a 30 minute teaching surrounded with signing, communion, announcements, etc. These teaching gathering are often held at least twice, sometimes three times, per month.

Meal & Fellowship

Our 5:00pm meeting time lends itself nicely to a meal together. These experiences are for the entire family held in the Fellowship Hall of Union Avenue Baptist. We sit and share a meal together and then usually over a dessert or two we discuss our lives, our stories, Jesus, scripture, and more. These conversations are usually held in the context of our current teaching series. This gathering is often held monthly.


View & Download theĀ 2016 Sunday Rhythms Schedule