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New Series on Galatians

Scholars believe that the letter to the Galatians is the earliest New Testament writing.  It was written by Paul shortly after his first missionary journey, where churches were started in various cities throughout the province of Galatia (hence the clever name!).  This letter was written to churches full of very young-in-the-faith Christians, and something had […]

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God’s Story, Our Story

We spent a good portion of 2016 in the Old Testament as a part of our God’s Story, Our Story series.  As we move into 2017 we’re going to be moving into the New Testament.  Every couple of years we spend extensive time in the life of Jesus, but this year, as a part of […]

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In a Foreign Land

This Sunday night we’re going to go back to our God’s Story, Our Story series.  When we left this story God’s people had been conquered by Nebuchadnezzar and taken back to Babylon as exiles. Everything about this place was different:  the language, the customs, the food, and most important, the religion.  They knew that all of this […]

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Life With God

This Sunday evening we begin a new series called “Life with God.”  We believe that a life surrendered to Jesus is the way life was meant to be lived.  It’s a life marked by purpose, wholeness, freedom and hope.  Not only does Jesus call us to a life with God, we also believe that he […]

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Macro Teams

Last Sunday night we highlighted some of our teams.  Below is a list of all of our macro teams plus the name and email address of the point person for that team.  If you have questions about a team or would like to get involved, please contact that point person. Weekender Team – Virginia Boyd […]

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2016.03.13 Reflection Questions

Each week during our series “God’s Story, Our Story”, we’ll be posting reflection questions.  Here are three questions from last night’s story. What does this story teach you about God?  What does it teach you about you? How can one seemingly small sin lead to the destruction that we see at the end of this […]

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A New Series on the Old Testament

This Sunday, March 6th, we will begin a new series through the Old Testament. Now, before you think we’ll never reach the Gospels again, let me reassure you: This series will only span the next three months and actually only be 8 sessions due to our Rhythms Calendar. My two-fold goal is: Help connect this […]

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