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God’s Story, Our Story

We spent a good portion of 2016 in the Old Testament as a part of our God’s Story, Our Story series.  As we move into 2017 we’re going to be moving into the New Testament.  Every couple of years we spend extensive time in the life of Jesus, but this year, as a part of […]

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The Prayer of Examen

Last night’s prayer gathering was a helpful introduction to using the ancient Prayer of Examen to help us reflect on what God is doing in lives.  We hope that you will experiment with using this resource as a spiritual practice in your own life over the coming weeks. Here is the link to download this resource.

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2016.04.17 Reflection Questions

Here are some reflection questions from last night’s story, which is from our “God’s Story, Our Story” series.  Audio can be found here. Do you trust God to provide for your needs?  Or do you feel that it’s up to you to take care of you? In light of this story, what do you think […]

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2016.03.13 Reflection Questions

Each week during our series “God’s Story, Our Story”, we’ll be posting reflection questions.  Here are three questions from last night’s story. What does this story teach you about God?  What does it teach you about you? How can one seemingly small sin lead to the destruction that we see at the end of this […]

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I Am With You

Here is the video that we showed last night.

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Here is the handout from Sunday’s Meal Night Discussion.

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Teaching Slides from 11-2-14

There was no recording last night, but here are the slides from Kirk’s teaching.  Well worth going back over!

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