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Focusing on what matters most

Our discussion last night centered on what it looks like to focus our attention on the things that matter most to us.  I started off by sharing five observations on our current way of living and working.  Thought I would post them here as well. We are always “on”…and this prevents true rest The work […]

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Spring 2015 Book Groups

In just a few weeks from now we’re going to start a series of six week book groups.  These groups will be on Monday nights at Union Avenue Baptist Church.  We are still working on times and a few other logistics.  For now though, here are the dates:  5/11, 5/18, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, and 6/22. […]

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The Call of Jesus

On August 3 we’re going to start a new series based on the book The Call of Jesus, by Derek Worthington. This series will serve as a practical follow-up to the series we just wrapped up on theology. What does it look like as we grow in our understanding of God and begin to follow […]

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Trinity – Discussion Questions

Below are some discussion questions from last night’s teaching on the Trinity.  Audio and slides from the teaching can be found here. 1.  What was the tension that the early church faced when looking at Jesus as God?  How did the doctrine of the Trinity help them to reconcile this tension? 2.  As we looked […]

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Scripture – Discussion Questions

Below are discussion questions from last night’s teaching.  Audio and slides from the teaching can be found here. 1.  What is one thing that stood out as you heard stories about how God has preserved Scripture throughout history? 2.  Why is it important that Scripture is inspired (God-breathed)? 3.  Go back to the chart that […]

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We Believe

Last Sunday night we began the second section of our “Beautiful, Good and True” series.  Unfortunately the recording failed, so here are my notes, including resources and discussion questions.

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Surprised by Hope – Discussion Questions

Audio and slides for this teaching can be found here. Here are some discussion questions from the teaching on April 20. 1.  Why is Easter about surprises?  What was your reaction to seeing balloons on Sunday night? 2.  How does the Resurrection of Jesus provide us hope when we are suffering? 3.  What are the […]

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