At Neighborhood Church we believe that Belief is important.  But how do you determine which beliefs are most important, and how do you maintain a spirit of unity in the midst of a diversity of beliefs?  These are some of the questions that we continue to talk about.  You can read more about how we differentiate levels of belief here.

The following statements are a synopsis of our core beliefs.  These are the beliefs that have defined Christianity for 2000 years, but we’ve hopefully written them in language that reflects us as a community today.


A word about God

We believe in one God who exists in three persons: Father, Son and Spirit.  Psalm 62:11-12 says that God is both strong and loving.  When we look at Him as the creator and sustainer of all things, we see His holiness and power.  But the fact that He’s also a Father, the one who adopted us into His family to be His beloved sons and daughters…this reveals to us His great love.  His character is multi-dimensional but no facet of His character diminishes another. In other words, His grace and anger, mercy and justice, love and jealousy all work together for good.


A word about the Bible

Comprised of 66 books and authored over thousands of years by dozens of authors, the Bible tells one seamless story: a passionate God on a relentless pursuit to redeem His creation. We believe that the Bible is God’s revealed word to mankind.  It is inspired, authoritative, and trustworthy, and it’s been given for our benefit.  We read the Bible together to learn what we can learn nowhere else.  


A word about the present human condition

Beautiful and broken describes our present condition.  Mankind was created in the image of God and meant to rule creation with Him.  However, not satisfied with that and believing we knew more than God, we rebelled.  Rather than finding the freedom we believed would come from that act of rebellion, something tragic happened.  Our relationship with God, with one another, and even with ourselves was no longer what it was meant to be.  Sin had entered the picture, and what was once so beautiful was now so broken.  And despite our attempts to fix ourselves, then and today, we always come up short.  This has been humanity’s story since the beginning.  


A word about Salvation

Thanks be to God He would not allow us to remain in this condition.  In the ultimate rescue plan, the Father sent the Son to redeem us through an act of atonement that culminated with His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.  Through this sacrificial act we were freed from sin and made whole again.  Salvation is a gift from God, not something that is earned but something that is freely given.  But it must truly be received; it’s never forced upon us.  The response to this gift is to repent of our sins and surrender our lives to Jesus.  This is the Gospel, which simply means “good news.”


A word about the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is given to every Christ-follower.  Through the Spirit we are drawn close to God, transformed into the image of Jesus, and empowered for mission in the world.  The Spirit guides, comforts, convicts and gives gifts to the Church.  


A word about Jesus

At the center of our faith is not a doctrine or dogma but a man.  Jesus, both fully God and fully human, showed us the way life was truly meant to be lived.  He offers that Life to any person who desires it.  Today Jesus sits at the right hand of God. He’s the King of the world, and He invites us to participate in His world-changing Kingdom.  Entrusting our lives to Him is the best decision we can make.


A word about the Church

The Church is the Body of Christ and Jesus is the head of the Body. The Church is not a building or an event but rather a community of individuals whose trust in Jesus has brought them together.  We’ve been called together and sent out to carry on the reconciling work of God.