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Crossroads Student Ministry

A few years ago, when we first started gathering with several midtown churches for the Memphis Prayer Collective, Mandy had a vision of these churches coming together to form a collaborative youth ministry.  As she and I talked about what we hoped for for the quickly-getting-older kids at NC, we felt that what God wanted […]

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New Series on Galatians

Scholars believe that the letter to the Galatians is the earliest New Testament writing.  It was written by Paul shortly after his first missionary journey, where churches were started in various cities throughout the province of Galatia (hence the clever name!).  This letter was written to churches full of very young-in-the-faith Christians, and something had […]

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God’s Story, Our Story

We spent a good portion of 2016 in the Old Testament as a part of our God’s Story, Our Story series.  As we move into 2017 we’re going to be moving into the New Testament.  Every couple of years we spend extensive time in the life of Jesus, but this year, as a part of […]

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2017 NC Gathering Schedule

Our 2017 Sunday night schedule can be found here.

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Advent Conspiracy 2016

  This will be Neighborhood Church’s 10th Advent Conspiracy!  Whether it’s your first time or tenth time to participate, we want to pause and reflect on what this season means.  There’s a reason we use the word “conspiracy”! We’re hosting two events this year.  Our annual Wassailing for Water party will be held at the […]

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NC November 2016 Leadership Team Meeting Notes

The Neighborhood Church Leadership Team meets monthly to pray and make decisions for our church on a macro-level. We want to improve our communication of the things that we’re praying about, doing, and discussing so we’re going to give a short recap after each of our meetings. You can find the latest update on our […]

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In a Foreign Land

This Sunday night we’re going to go back to our God’s Story, Our Story series.  When we left this story God’s people had been conquered by Nebuchadnezzar and taken back to Babylon as exiles. Everything about this place was different:  the language, the customs, the food, and most important, the religion.  They knew that all of this […]

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