Archive: February, 2012

Week 7 Readings

We’re approaching the halfway point of our readings.  My prayer for us through this has not been that we would check off our Bible-reading boxes, nor that we would simply gain more knowledge.  My prayer has been and currently is that through these readings, and through this quiet time every day, we would encounter the […]

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Week 6 Readings

The first half of this week’s readings center on the stories that Jesus told.  If you’ve ever wondered about the purpose of parables, you’re going to find out this week.  In the second half of the week we’re going to hear two of my favorite stories: Jesus’ encounter with a storm and a demon-possessed man, […]

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This Week’s Gathering – 2/12/12

This Sunday night is a prayer and worship night. Robert and Mandy will be leading our time together, and we’ll be focusing on Jesus’ dependency on God. If anybody could do life on his own, it was Jesus, yet what we see over and over again is his dependence.  He doesn’t strive.  He doesn’t push. […]

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Week 5 Readings

This week we finish the Sermon on the Mount. 2/6    Matthew 5:38-6:4 2/7    Matthew 6:5-15 2/8    Matthew 6:16-34 2/9    Matthew 7:1-14 2/10  Matthew 7:15-29 2/11  Matthew 8:1-13 2/12  Luke 7:18-35

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