Archive: August, 2010

How to Lose Your First Love

We said a few weeks ago that one of Paul’s primary reasons for writing Ephesians was that knowing God would be our ultimate goal. It is so easy for us to have other primary goals, and most of the time these goals are good things. In this message we ask the question, “What happens when […]

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God’s Plan/God’s Glory – Pt.2

Predestination has always been a controversial subject. But because Paul talked about it, we should too. In this message we’ll seek to take an objective look at both sides of the issue, and conclude what this means for us as followers of Jesus.

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God’s Plan/God’s Glory – Pt.1

This week we dive into Ephesians. One of the major themes of Ephesians is that God desires to be known. Not just known about, but intimately known. In this first message we look at some of the amazing blessings that God has poured out on His people. These blessings should cause us to hunger and […]

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