Archive: May, 2010

The “Costly/Totally Worth It” KOG

In this message we look at the fact that true discipleship is costly. Jesus tells his followers to consider that cost and then to make a choice as to whether or not we will follow him.

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Suffering, Prayer & Solitude

Joe concludes our series on suffering by looking at Jesus’ habit of getting alone with God. We see two spiritual disciplines at work in Jesus’ life, and especially during Jesus’ time in the wilderness in Luke 4. Those disciples are meditation on Scripture and solitude.

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You Have an Enemy

When it comes to spiritual warfare, most Christians fall into one of two extremes. Either they give Satan too much credit. These are the people who see Satan’s work behind anything bad that happens in their lives. The other extreme is to not give him enough credit. These are the ones who may believe in […]

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So You Had a Bad Day?

We all have bad days from time to time. What does the Bible say about our response to not only trials and suffering, but also to spiritual attack?

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