Archive: March, 2010

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

In this message we seek to answer one of the biggest questions of Christianity: “Why did Jesus have to die?”

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The “Already-Not Yet” KOG

We see signs of God’s Kingdom everywhere we look, yet we also know that things are not as they were meant to be, and as they one day will be. There is a tendency among Christians to see God’s reign (The Kingdom of God) as either a present reality or a future reality. Our challenge, […]

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A Kingdom View of Rest and Work

We’ve said that God’s Kingdom runs counter-cultural to our world today, and this is none too true when it comes to work and rest. In this message we look at the fact that we were created to work with God, which is amazing in of itself. Yet this working with God can only take place […]

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The “Advancing-Subversive” KOG

Jesus was often asked the question, “What is the Kingdom like?” In this message we’ll look at two of the characteristics of the kingdom.

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