Archive: February, 2010

The “Upside-Down” KOG

In this message we begin a series within a series on the Kingdom of God. As an introduction, we will take a look at four words found in Mark 1:14-15. Those words are: Gospel, Kingdom, Repent, & Believe.

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The Parable of the Sower

In this message we look at one of Jesus’ most famous parables. Normally this parable is read in the context of evangelism, where we are the sower, the Bible is the seed, and the hearts of our friends is the soil. Going back to the theme of this series, though, we’re going to look at […]

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NC Turns 2!

This week marks Neighborhood Church’s second anniversary. We’ve included the recording of the entire worship gathering. Enjoy!

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Following Jesus – Ordinary People

If you’re Jesus, and you’re building a team for your mission, who are you going to choose? The choices that Jesus makes are a bit baffling. In this message we’ll look at the story of one of those chosen, the reasons why he was chosen, and why this is good news for us.

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