Archive: January, 2010

Living in God’s Economy

As we wrap up this section in Luke’s gospel on money, we want to get practical and address some of the tricky passages. In this message we’ll look at the following questions: 1. Should I give my money away to anyone who asks? 2. Is saving money wrong? 3. Is it ok to spend money […]

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The Trouble with Money

As you’ve been reading Luke, you’ve no doubt discovered that Jesus talks a lot about money. In fact, other than the Kingdom of God, it’s his favorite subject. In this message we look at why this is the case.

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The Kingdom Assignment

In this message we look at one of the many parables Jesus told about money. The theme is stewardship. At the end of the message you’ll hear about the Kingdom Assignment.

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God’s Economy Pt. 1

How does God’s economy differ from the world’s economy? For the next few weeks we’ll be addressing this question. In this message Darin Petersen takes us to Proverbs 11:10 and asks the question, “Does our city rejoice when the righteous prosper?” If not, why not?

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Going Public Jesus-Style

Here we have the story of Jesus’ first recorded sermon. It’s his manifesto, his public declaration of intentions. He chooses for his Scripture passage Isaiah 61, which is a favorite for the congregation gathered that morning. Yet Jesus reinterprets the passage in a way that utterly astounds them.

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