Archive: September, 2009

The City – Loving the Poor

In this sermon, Matthew Watson shares his story of coming to understand God’s love for cities. We pray, “God, let Your Kingdom come here in Memphis as it is in heaven,” but the amazing thing is that God wants to use us to be the answers to our prayers.

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Spiritual Gifts

Last week we looked at the mission that God has called us to when it comes to loving, serving and blessing our city. This week we’ll look at how God equips us for that mission. One of the ways that God equips us for His mission is by giving every Christian a spiritual gift. In […]

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The City – Blessed to be a Blessing

This week we continue in our series, “Who is Neighborhood Church?” We’ve discussed what it means to be Jesus-centered, and we’ve talked about what it means to be true community. This week we look at what it means to be a church in a city like Memphis. In doing this we’re going to go back […]

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Community and the ‘S’ Word

Will we be a church that takes grace seriously, where everyone, no matter your past and no matter your brokenness, is welcome to come and see? Or will we be a church that takes sin seriously, that takes the holiness of God seriously? The sad thing is that we often do better at one than […]

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