Archive: July, 2009

Paul’s Missionary Methods

Though we are separated by time, geography and culture, we have a great deal to learn from Paul during his time in Athens. In this sermon we’ll look at several missionary principles for planting the gospel in a foreign culture. (Note: I “borrowed” this title from Roland Allen’s great book.)

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The Gospel Plus…

In this message we look at the first major crisis of the early church. After Paul and Barnabas returned from their first missionary journey, in which the gospel was received by the Gentiles, men from Jerusalem began teaching these new believers that they had to become Jewish before they could become Christian. Paul and Barnabas […]

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First Missionary Journey

Seventeen years have passed since the church was birthed at Pentecost, and God’s plan for reaching the ends of the earth is about to take on a new dimension as Paul and Barnabas are sent out by the Holy Spirit. Over the next 2-3 years these two men go to cities where the “Jesus” has […]

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Peter’s Conversion

God’s plan throughout history has been to reconcile ALL peoples to back to Him. Peter had been taught from an early age that it was a sin to even enter into the home of a Gentile, so the events of this chapter baffled him. Even so, he had to decide whether or not he would […]

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