Archive: March, 2009

Jesus Died to Atone for Our Sins

The Atonement is defined as “the work that Christ did in his life and death to earn our salvation.” In this sermon we look at Leviticus 16, at the Day of Atonement. This day, the most important day of the year, was set apart by God as a way to deal with the Israelites’ sin.

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Jesus Died to Redeem Us from the Bondage of Sin

The problem for humanity is that we are all in bondage to sin and cannot escape on our own. The only hope is to have a Redeemer. On the Cross Jesus gave His life as a ransom and redeemed us from captivity.

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The Goal is Spiritual Maturity

Paul could rejoice in his sufferings because Jesus had died on the cross for His Bride and had called Paul to be a minister to Her. Paul’s goal, therefore, was to preach Christ to the church and to call each member to spiritual maturity. In this section of the letter Paul urges them to grow […]

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Refugee Empowerment Program

Ruth Lomo and Sara Babb share about the work that God is doing through the Refugee Empowerment Program.

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